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Covid-19 and Safety at Nu Clear Wellbeing

To see London Safety precautions please CLICK HERE

Joanna's home clinic space in Andover, Hampshire is multi-use, so it is professionally cleaned every week. She has also prepared a specific risk assessment for the venue including additional precautions during the covid-19 pandemic.


•DO not attend your appointment with any symptoms of covid-19 or if you have been in contact with anyone with symptoms in the last 14 days.
•Please do not arrive early for your appointment to avoid crossing with other clients and to allow time for cleaning the space.
•Bring your own water bottle to your appointment as we are not able to provide clients with water at this time.
•Face Masks must be worn throughout your visit unless you are exempt on the government's guidelines.
•Sanitise hands - upon entrance & exit, and wherever necessary during your appointment (e.g. after visiting the bathroom)
•Keep Joanna updated if you develop symptoms in the 14 days following your appointment so she can take further action and notify other clients to reduce the risk of increasing infection rates.
•Follow Joanna's instructions for any further PPE or precautions needed during your visit.
•Enjoy your time of self care! Joanna has taken every step to make sure her venue is compliant with the current government guidance and will be happy to guide you through your appointment any any steps which are new or different to usual.

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